Server & Network Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of Servers/Networks

One of the AL MARJAN services is proactive Remote Monitoring of your server. This involves us in monitoring the key server elements that can cause you serious problems if they are not picked up at an early stage. Our alert system means we can deal with issues fast, before they escalate and cause expensive downtime. And the Performance Monitoring agent that we can install may be sited on the server and/or your individual workstations. This agent keeps tabs on the performance of your hardware and other aspects including Anti-Virus, WSUS, your Backups, the Event Logs, and Exchange Server. AL MARJAN central system monitors its agents on a real-time basis. When it detects critical errors, it generates an immediate report and a follow up from our support team: they then look into it, alert you as necessary and take the appropriate action. The Remote Monitoring service can include:

  • Making sure your data is safe by checking that server backups run successfully
  • Ensuring anti-virus and malware software is maintained so as to safeguard business information from potential attacks
  • Monitoring patch management: checking the installation of critical updates needed to protect servers
  • Assessing hardware performance, e.g. server fan speed and temperatures, UPS, external disks etc.
  • Spotting unauthorized logins and foiling ‘dictionary attacks’
  • Ensuring server’s RAID disk subsystems operate correctly, enabling replacement of failing disks before data is lost

Performance Monitoring includes checking on:

  • Event Log critical errors
  • RAID array health
  • Anti-virus updates and performance
  • Correct backups
  • Disk space consumption rate
  • CPU usage
  • Network % usage
  • Memory usage
  • Sizes of folders and files
  • Any hardware alterations
  • Licenses – are they in date?
  • Windows server and Exchange Email server services